Payment flow for our International Users.

You have three ways to pay for the order.

1. Using Debit / Credit card in the checkout page ( Redirects to stripe payment gateway )

2. Using Debit / Card Card in the Razorpay Checkout .

3. Using Paypal in Razorpay Checkout.

One - Stripe checkout 

Enter your debit card/ Credit card details at checkout.

Stripe checkout Mohi fashion

Two - using Razorpay Checkout ( Debit card ) 

Click on Razorpay Secure in the Checkout page to get this page. Click on the card option.

Razorpay checkout 1

Enter your Debit or Credit card details here.

Razorpay checkout 2



Three - Below method, Describes how to pay using paypal in the razorpay checkout.

Step1 :

Add the product to the cart.

Step 2 :

Click on the checkout

Step 3 :

Login using your email

Step 4 :

Enter the shipping information and continue to payment


Step 5 : Enter the phone number


Step 6 : Click on paypal and " pay now " at the bottom


Step 7 : Please choose the preferred currency at the bottom of the screen.



Step 8 : Either login through paypal or pay with debit or credit card .






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