Quality Checking Process

Quality Checking Process

https://cdn.shopify.com/videos/c/o/v/edaf55194fef49b7b17321933fb8c4c6.mp4The quality checking process at Mohi Fashion involves several steps to ensure that the products meet the required standards before packaging and delivery. Here is an overview of the quality checking process:

Stitching and Filling Review: 

The first step is to review the stitching and filling on the product. This involves checking the seams, hems, and overall construction of the garment to ensure that they are done properly and securely.

Sizing Verification: 

Mohi Fashion pays attention to sizing to ensure that the customer receives a perfectly stitched outfit. The size of each item is confirmed according to the customer's specifications. To avoid any size issues, the vendor provides a 1-2 inch margin to the outfit, allowing for adjustments if necessary.


Color and Design Confirmation: 

The Mohi team checks whether the color and design of the product match the actual item. This can be done by comparing the physical product with the reference images or videos provided by the vendor. The team also confirms the sizes in inches using a measuring tape.

Physical Tests: 

Mohi Fashion conducts physical tests on various components of the garment, such as buttons, zippers, and other accessories. This ensures that these elements are functioning properly and meet the required quality standards.

Defect Inspection: 

Each product is inspected thoroughly for any defects. This includes checking for scratches, tears in the fabric, loose threads, or any other visible flaws that may affect the product's quality or appearance.

Can-Can and Cubs Verification: 

Mohi Fashion confirms with the vendor whether the outfit includes can-can (a type of petticoat) and cubs (small decorative fabric attachments). This ensures that the customer receives all the specified components with their order.

Customer Confirmation: 

After the quality checking process is completed, Mohi Fashion sends pictures of the product to the customer to confirm the measurements. This allows the customer to review the product and provide feedback or request any necessary adjustments before finalizing the order.

By following these quality checking procedures, Mohi Fashion aims to deliver high-quality products that meet customer expectations and satisfaction.



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