Mesmerizing Sky Blue Soft Net Party Wear Lehenga


Our Process
  • After placing the order our customer support team will reachout the customer regarding there measurements
  • Our team will share the Size Chart and How to Measure details with Measurement Form to the customer
  • Customer checks measurements and fills out measurement form
  • Mohi team checks measurements for accuracy. If any discrepancies found, our team informs customer.
  • Measurement Details sent to designer once all information received.
  • Once the outfit is ready we will do quality check if all measurements are matching with the details given
  • Then we will share them to customer 

Bust: 37

Under Bust: 33

Sleeve Length: 11

Blouse Length: 15.7


Hip: 40

Lehenga Length: 42

Our Customer Measurements

Bust: 37; Under Bust: 33; Sleeve Length: 11; Blouse Length: 15.7; Hip: 40; Lehenga Length: 42

Final Result