Contact us to be an affiliate partner of Mohi.

We offer 5% on all orders received through your code.


Process :

1. Fill the form below with your details and your preferred way of marketing our products.

2. We will get in touch with you and see if it is a good fit.

3. Once approved, We will provide you with marketing collateral and content to push through your channels.

4. If the order is cancelled / Refunded there will be no commission provided.

5. Payouts will be monthly in the first week.

6. Avail details of our offers from the offers page.

7. You will receive your Unique code that you can use on your channels.

8. Customers who purchase through your code will receive a store credit along with the discounts provided in the offers section.

Rules :

1. Please do not provide any misleading information to prospective customers.

2. In case of breach of any norms put forth  in the affiliate contract. we will terminate the association.


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