How it Works

1. Login to Mohifashion

Picking the right outfit

2. Order a dress, contact us on tidio or email ( ) in case you have any questions.

3. There are a lot of questions you'll have if you are picking a wedding or an event. Please check out our wedding guide section for some of the information.

Finding the right size

4. Find our Size guide to check out the appropriate sizes you would need.

5. Check our How to Measure section for information on how to accurately take measurements through video and visual formats.

Ordering a Dress

6. All the outfits are curated and placed in their respective sections. Find your pick and place an order. Make sure you check the time to deliver on each product page.

7. Check the Refund, and Shipping policies available on all the product pages for more details on refunds and shipping procedures we adhere to. Ask us a question in case of any confusion. The Shipping prices are added at the checkout.

8. The colors, fabrics, and styles of the outfits are represented as the Designers provided them to us. We will ensure better information and customer feedback when available for a seamless purchase journey. We directly work with the designers to maintain an authentic experience.

9. Additional customization on the outfits is possible in size in most cases. We will inform you if they are not. Please check with us if you are unsure. We will get the info for you.

10. All the prices are translated into your currency for better clarity.


11. We accept PayPal checkout and many international cards for payments.

12. If you are from India, use Razorpay checkout to pay for the order with your credit or debit card.

13. If you want to pay using UPI. Please find the link for the same on each product page and the cart page. Click Here. ( ensure all the details are filled ) Our team will reach out to you with the order confirmation post that.

Post Purchase

14. Our team reaches out to you and confirms the order. In rare cases of unavailability of the item, we shall ask you to swap the order or refund you the amount.

15. We give you the option to choose more customized details to provide on your order in the Measurements form.

16. Please note: All our outfits come stitched by default unless specified, You would have to inform us if you want to purchase only the fabric. We will refund you the stitching amount in this scenario.

17. You will have 2-3 days to swap or cancel or provide details on the order post which we shall start the outfit production through the designers. Post that order is notrefundable.


18. We will send you the QC( Quality Check) images from the designers after the preparation of the outfit. Click here for the detailed process QC Process

19. Our shipment leaves for delivery and we send you the tracking code for the same.

20. The shipping costs for the Shippable zones are mentioned here . Shipping Costs

Have more questions? Find our FAQ section with more questions answered.